Zero-Sugar Shakes From 310 Nutrition Make Them a Leader in the Weight Loss Market

Sugar. It is a dieter’s worst enemy and can be found hiding in just about everything we eat and drink. Of course, there are good sugars, but we will get to those a bit later. For many people, a meal replacement shake is their first choice when it comes to burning body fat and dropping a few lbs., but not all shakes are as healthy as they would lead you to believe. 

See, a lot of brands add sugar into their shakes to increase the flavor of it, but this really is not necessary. There are several natural sweeteners available, such as Stevia, which can provide all of the flavor of sugar without any of the added empty calories. It is true that the human palette enjoys a high-fat and high-sugar ratio, so it’s easy to see why some brands add sugar into the mix to keep you interested. 

Fat is nowhere near as bad for you as sugar is. In fact, we all need certain amounts of fat for hormone production and to be able to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. Without it, we would become ill very quickly. Sugar, on the other hand, is not vital for life, and we are more than able to omit it from our diets safely. Of course, the sugar companies wouldn’t like me to be saying this, but it is true. 

If you want to lose weight, then 310 nutrition has many different meal replacement shakes, which are all sugar-free. Sugar wreaks havoc on your blood sugar levels, and with your mind. When you eat sugar, your brain registers the quick release energy and starts to crave more of it. This leads to hunger pangs throughout the day and a strong desire to seek out sugar-rich foods. Eliminate sugar and eliminate these cravings. 

As touched upon earlier, some sugars are good for you. As an example, the natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables. The reason they are OK in moderation is mainly due to the high-fiber content contained in them. The fiber slows down their release into the bloodstream, thus preventing spikes in sugar levels. 

310 nutrition makes use of natural and whole ingredients, and luckily, sugar is off the menu. In place of the sugar, you will find a stevia extract, which offers up all of the sweetness of sugar minus the empty calories. Stevia is a naturally-occurring sweetener, which is extracted from the stevia leaf. It will have zero impact on your blood glucose levels, yet maximum impact on your taste buds. 

Going sugar-free is the only way to go when trying to burn body fat. If you feed your body sugar, then it has no need to burn that fat. This really is something you want to avoid, and why you should check the ingredients list of any weight loss shake. 310 Nutrition has chosen a natural sweetener, but as with sugar, not all sweeteners are made equal. 

You really should avoid Aspartame at all costs. If you find it as an ingredient in a weight loss shake, run for the hills. Aspartame can cause headaches, dizziness, lethargy, and altered moods. While studies have failed to link these to aspartame, the user-generated reports would say otherwise. It is also a man-made sweetener, and you really want to focus on natural and whole nutrition. You want a meal replacement shake that is high in quality ingredients and low in artificial ones. 

310 Nutrition understand this, and this is why they have created many different natural and delicious supplements that will benefit your body rather than burden it. The addition of 20 different essential vitamins and minerals, a powerful greens blend of superfoods, and its specially formulated Tri-plex protein blend really helps it stand out from the crowd. 

If you are serious about weight loss and maintaining good health, then a sugar-free shake is the way forward. It will not only allow you to burn more calories throughout the day, but also allow you to have a sweet treat minus the sugar. The added benefits of more energy, less fatigue, and a better feeling of general well-being just serves to further boost the reasons as to why I love 310 Nutrition’s sugar-free approach.

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