What Makes Shakeology A Great Meal Replacement Shake

Among the top-rated and the best meal replacements shakes is shakeology. This weight loss diet shake has increasingly gained popularity over the past years due to its amazing weight loss benefits. Below is an unbiased review of shakeology and its results. 

Taste, Flavor, and Consistency 

Shakeology reviews state that this weight loss diet comes in multiple flavors such as café latte, greenberry, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. This wide range of flavors is meant to cater to the taste preferences of a wider audience and if you are lactose intolerant, shakeology also has a vegan option for individuals who don’t take dairy products. 

The best meal replacement shakes are usually formulated with added sweeteners to enhance the taste. Shakeology reviews from various users indicate that this weight loss diet plan has a great taste. Millions of people who have used shakeology claim that it tastes good. It is packed with sweeteners derived from chocolate syrup, corn syrup, artificial vanillin flavor among others. 

In terms of consistency, this meal replacement shake is thick. Compared to the best meal replacement shakes which are considered healthy and safe by most consumers, shakeology is very dense and this is as a result of various arrays of antioxidants, nutrients, proteins, and fiber. It is worth noting that the creators of this weight loss supplement intentionally formulated it to be thick in order for the consumer to feel full and satisfied for long hours. This helps to prevent unnecessary binge eating and food cravings. However, if you find shakeology to be very tick, you can dilute it by adding water or any other liquid drink. 

Ingredients Used to Formulate Shakeology 

As one of the best meal replacement shakes, Shakeology ingredients are derived from superfoods which are globally sourced. It contains primary ingredients such as: 

  • Protein Blend which is a combination of superfoods such as flax, oat, rice, quinoa, pea powderinchiand sacha which contain high amounts of fiber. There are also vitamins and minerals which are used to cater to the nutritional needs of the body. 
  • Shakeology has an antioxidant blend ofcamu-camu, acai, goji berry, bilberry, green tea, and pomegranate help to heal worn out cells and to improve the immunity of the body.
  • The probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes which include amylase, cellulose, lactase,glucoamylase among others help shakeology to improve the digestion process and also to control blood sugar levels. Probiotics contain the good bacteria that are essential in enhancing digestion.


Other Ingredients 

Apart from the above-mentioned ingredients, shakeology also has: 

Adaptogens which are special herbs that have high concentration of nutrients which help to boost the energy levels in the body and to improve the immune system. They also help the body to cope with stress. Shakeology has a total of nine adaptogen and this makes it one of the best meal replacement shakes out there. The adaptogens are derived from plants such as the Maca root, Cordyceps, Chaga, astragalus among others.  

What Makes Shakeology Great?  
  • Shakeology reviews claim that is meal replacement shake will help you to lose weight by reducing food cravings and enhancing the feeling of fullness for long hours. What makes shakeology great is that it provide users with a healthy digestion support as well as regularity in addition to an increased metabolic rate. 
  • This delicious shake also has a great taste. It contains healthy proteins and fats which reduce cravings and make you feel satisfied for long. If you are taking shakeology as a meal replacement, you are going to feel full for long hours and you will less likely feel like eating junk foods and snacks.  
  • The phytonutrient blend which is plant-based offers amazing health benefits. The super-nutrient spirulina, blue-green algae, spinach, and kale help to lower the bad cholesterol and reducing obesity, to enhance the immunity of the body and to fight cancer. The benefits of this proprietary phytonutrient blend are what makes shakeology not only a weight loss product but also a healthy source of nutrients. 
  • Shakeology contains over seventy nutritious ingredients which are derived from superfoods. As one of the best meal replacement shakes, this weight loss diet will enhance your immune system by fighting free radicals and increase the energy levels in the body which are required for metabolism and to work out, thereby improving the process of losing weight.
  • As part of a healthy diet, shakeology contains low calories and it helps to reduce the calorie intake by the body, sufficiently leading to weight loss. You can blend it with ice or water or even add almond milk, fruit juice and coconut water to adjust the calories and the flavor.  


Shakeology reviews indicate that this tasty and uber-healthy meal replacement shake offers users beneficial results. The natural and nutrient-rich shake contains fat reducing and metabolism boosting ingredients that are designed to replace one or two meals and over time, it leads to weight loss.

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