Seven Strengthening Supplements You don’t Want to miss!

There comes a point in the healthy lifestyle in which people stop looking for weight loss shakes reviews and start looking for ways of strengthening their bodies, get serious about getting in shape or even go pro. However, it is tremendously difficult without some help -unless you have truly blessed genes. That’s why here’s a little something about some supplements that will boost your way there.

First of all, dietary supplements are taken orally in different forms, such as pills, capsules or liquids. Its main intention is to complement the consumption of nutrients in the consumer’s diet in order to fulfil the needed nourishment or to implement beneficial biological effects. In that sense, people usually take them as a method to live healthier, lose weight, avoid getting sick and to improve their bodies’ performance -such as getting stronger. The problem is that this market is way too big and, sometimes, it seems almost impossible to find the right supplements. But don’t panic! Here you have the 7 best supplements in the market:

1. Creatine Monohydrate:

This is probably going to be your most important supplement if you are trying to build muscle and get way stronger. There are lots of studies and documents that have evidenced the effects of its usage, so it is completely safe to take it.

The way it works is basically increasing the creatine in the body, along with the phosphocreatine (PCr), in order to keep the energy levels up and enhance the time of recovery needed during high-intensity workouts that involve weightlifting.

Also, the consumption of this supplement in the long term will provide 5% to 15% more strength and performance to resistance training.

2. Citrulline Malate:

Although this supplement was prescribed in the 50’s to treat physical and mental fatigue, nowadays it is more commonly known for its performance-improver effects thanks to its two-way combination of malate and L-citrulline, which altogether raise the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) rates.

A number of researches have proven that the consumer’s performance can increase after taking a single dose in terms of repetitions when doing upper body resistance training and more recently a study carried out by the Mississippi State University showed that it had a similar effect on lower-body repetitions. Likewise, it reduces the soreness within the post-exercise period (24 to 48 hours).

3. Branched Chain Amino Acids

This incredibly tasty supplementation is just perfect for current -or future- athletes and bodybuilders, as it speeds up the repairing processes between sets and after heavy exercise routines. This study was published in 2010 by the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, where the research explained that about 9 gr. of BCAA per 200-pound consumer will make the individual experience much less soreness or damage after high-level squats.

Apparently, leucine (a BCAA) is one of the main components that helps regulate protein metabolism. It promotes the protein synthesis and suppresses its degradation, causing the enhancement of muscle damage recovery after high-resistance training.

4. Whey Protein

The important factor of this protein is the speed with which it is digested. Taking whey supplement after workouts can stimulate the protein synthesis to a greater degree than others like soy or casein.

However, it was found that blending whey and casein actually promotes the muscle hypertrophy and improves the composition of the body when it is taken after resistance exercise.

5. Glutamine

This amino acid can provide good benefits, particularly in terms of muscle reparation. This supplement helps remove the excessive amounts of ammonia, which is accumulated during intense protocols, leading to the regulation of the acid-base balance in the body.

People who train twice a day heavily in resistance exercises or might have a calorie deficit should be interested in extra glutamine supplements.

6. Fish oils

We all know that omega-3 has many benefits. However, their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are especially important for bodybuilders and athletes because it can accelerate the recovery process and reduce the muscle soreness.

In addition, when these are combined with carbs and BCAAs, they enhance the protein synthesis process, resulting in greater muscle mass gain and faster results.

7. Caffeine

Many studies have proved that the presence of this element is an ergogenic that helps not only in endurance exercise but also in intense activity. It is important to mention that caffeine does not play an important role in strength performance, but in the decrease of fatigue rates and perception of effort.


Supplementations are important elements in athletic diets. However, it is important to have a heavy training routine, a great diet and better nights of sleep, otherwise, they are a waste of money and effort.

Now you know what these supplements are for and how they work. In addition, all the supplements mentioned in this entry are completely safe for use without prescription, so you can start taking them whenever you want. Just remember, a healthy life is a happy life.


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