Mama June Wows Everyone When She Goes Down In a Perfect Shape

Phentermine is a drug frequently associated with weight loss program. The drug if taken, is able to reduce one’s appetite to eat and therefore reducing intake of calories. If you’re lazy to do exercise, then this drug would help in addition to exercise. 

But all good things have its downside. So, do phentermine – its side effects include cardiovascular and hypertension side effects. Those people with history of these diseases are therefore strictly prohibited from taking it. Also, to avoid drinking alcohol while using phentermine, because it can also produce side effects. 

But as for many people out there who wants to look good and slim, phentermine is one of the best solutions to do it with. With the right prescription from qualified doctor and a comprehensive weight loss program, it is truly awesome and can help many people yearned to stay slim and healthy. 

June Shannon is a 39-year-old reality star, famously known as “Mama June”. She used to weigh more than 400 pounds but with the weight loss program that she undertook, she’s now down to the region of 100 + pounds! Her size has also gone down to size 4. 

What is her secret about doing it? Firstly, she went on to undergo a surgery, which has acted as an excellent kick start to Mama June Weight Loss program. And guess what, this surgery was documented right in her reality show – “From Not To Hot” and was seen by millions of viewers on the show. 

Like in sports, it’s so difficult to reach to the high level, but it even more difficult to maintain that position. So, does when you’re losing weight. You can’t be fully satisfied with and begin to relax a bit and started to eat like how you did before. Off course your diet is not the same and so does your routines. Everything would have to change and not to go back to the comfort you had previously. 

Shannon used to skip breakfast and not wake up until 1 pm every day! But now it’s “all about portion control,” there are sets of meal that you must take at the right time of the day. 

For example, breakfast, is regarded the most important meal that you also first take to start your day. Like everything else that we do in the morning, would most probably be the deciding factor to go through the rest of your day. If you start the day good, you’ll probably do everything else excellently, otherwise one bad morning move will destroy the mood for the rest of the day. So does your meals, so start the day with a great meal. 

That is the reason why people who skip breakfast tend to be overweight. When they skip breakfast, later at the day they will be so hungry and start to eat whatever they like heavily. This will cause oversupply of calories at one go and the body would suffer to process the food. And therefore, your body starts to accumulate fat which result in weight gain. Furthermore, our blood sugar level will be determined after the breakfast that we take, as well as how our body burns fat and produce energy. 

Shannon likes snacks and her snacks normally contain cheese and grapes. But for dinner she prefers baked chicken or baked pork chops taken with beans and corn. 

Little Debbie jelly cakes are Shannon’s favourites when it comes to sweets. And you see you can still take you favourite sweets but still lose weight. As said earlier it’s the portions of meals that matter. As Shannon said, she only gains weight not more than 5 pounds since she first had her surgery done. And that is due to her keeping with the eating discipline. 

Despite losing quite a lot of weight Shannon still felt some parts of her body are fat, like her legs and neck. For the legs she underwent rigorous exercise concentrating on that particular parts only. But for the neck she really had to undergo a special surgery to remove the fatty skin. 

She was very happy that the second operation went through successfully and not disappoint her fans who follow her progress in her reality show. 

When asked about what inspired her to start with the Mama June Weight Loss, she said it was when her ex-husband told her that he was getting remarried. It was not because of the jealousy but more of her desire to prove that she can do it and she is actually pretty! 

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