Is This The End of The Road For Microsoft Paint Program?

In an unexpected turn of events, Microsoft has signaled the end of the MS paint program. This comes after the graphics program was included in the list of Windows 10 features that will no longer be developed or will be removed altogether. The news comes as a shocker to windows paint lovers as it has been part and parcel of Windows operating system since its release in 1985.

The good news is that the Program will be succeeded by paint 3D. MS Paint has been marked as deprecated in the windows 10 update creators. This means that the program might be removed in future release. However, removal of the program is not guaranteed.

The Paint program is not going away for good, but will be moved to the windows store. Any future development will actually be made to paint 3D. Therefore, any developments to paint are not likely but it will always be there if needed.

Microsoft has said that the features included in the deprecated list will either be removed from windows 10 or may not be developed any further hence removed from future releases. Another windows feature which might be removed is the Outlook Express email client. This particular program will be replaced by an in built Mail app.

Additionally the screensaver feature will be disabled in Themes which will stop its development for group policies, control panel and Sysprep. Another victim is the reader app which will be inco-oporated in Microsoft Edge. 


Several people across the globe have expressed their disappointment at the news via social media platforms. A Welsh YouTuber described Paint as one of the greatest things to have existed. 
Artist JIM’II uses the paint program to create creative artwork on various themes. His work is usually commissioned by visitors and he has almost 700,000 followers on Facebook. In a tweet, JIM’II said that it hasn’t been all that since Microsoft messed with it.

In a tweet, Mike daily who is a creator of Lemming and Grand Auto Theft said that Microsoft should release the source and make it a public domain.

Paint was one of the most capable and simple to use programs when the Windows operating system was released. However, it was limited to BMP and PCX formats until 1998.

The most recent version of paint was first released with Windows 7. It was later improved but comparatively it ranked poorer to other free alternatives. 

The actual date when Microsoft paint will be officially removed from the Windows operating system is yet to be confirmed. When it happens, it will be a moment in history of Windows as one of the longest standing apps is brought to a halt. One thing is for sure, it will draw mixed reactions from windows users as some will celebrate while others will decry. 

In technical terms, MS paint is not actually going away. Instead it will be replaced by paint 3D which will have most of the features that Paint has. In addition, Paint 3D will have new features and new capabilities that will allow more creativity.

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