How Your Muscles React to Different Proteins

All nutrition‘s are created equal. Right? 

Have you ever been befuddled by the millions (at least that’s what it seems like) of nutrition shakes in the market though? 

Why so complicated? 

You’ll find nutrition shakes made into pills and nutrition shakes, sometimes by the same manufacturer giving dodgy sounding reasons for making one cost more than the other. 

Is there really a difference in any of them though? Or are the different varieties just marketing ploys used on folks wanting to build up their muscles, same way the market for weight loss supplements for women and men has been flooded with manufacturers exploiting gullible people? 

This article, while looking at some of the top nutrition shakes in the market, tries to answer the question; do some types of proteins outperform others? Read on and see what the answer is.  

  1. Whey Protein Powder Shake

Whey protein is one half of the by-product gotten from processing cow milk (the other half is casein). Alas, not all proteins are created equal. Because whey protein is considered by many experts to be the ultimate source of protein because it contains high quantities of BCAAs and high biological values. 

Let’s break it down a bit. 

When your muscles are worn out, the amount of amino acids in the protein you consume will determine how effective it is in repairing worn out tissue. Also, the higher the biological value of the protein, the greater the quantity of nitrogen reserved for growth or maintenance. 

So, the quality of BCAAs and biotical value in a type of protein determines how effective it is against damaged tissue. If you were to put a number on it, say the protein you get from eggs has a standard repair rate of 100. Beef will sit at about 75, while whey protein will be at an outstanding 175. 

Within the whey protein family, you’ll find whey meal replacement shakes that have been processed further to give higher concentrations of pure protein (their repair rates will be around 200 to 220). Since it’s more difficult to isolate pure proteins, nutrition shakes with these isolated proteins tend to be more expensive.  

  1. Casein Protein Powder Shake

Casein’s the main protein found in milk and milk products (like cheese). Even though both whey and casein have the same origin, casein is regarded as the slower acting protein.  

Whey Vs Casein 

Note that both of them have high quality BCAAs and bio values. Whey is just considered more anabolic because of its ability to show instant amino acid spikes in the blood. Casein on the other hand provides a steady stream of amino acids for long term maintenance. 

For a balanced protein supplement, you’ll need both ways protein synthesis ability and casein’s long-term prevention of muscle break down.

  1. Creatine Protein Shake

It actually occurs naturally in the body. But for some reason, firms have been able to convince a ton of people you need more than your body’s making. Even though you get it just from eating some foods, like meat, you’ll need to eat an obscene amount to actually get the amount of creatine your body produces, enter creatine supplements. 

So, What Does Creatine Do in The Body? 

It Helps regenerate adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is your body’s main source of energy. It basically refuels your gas tank so that you can keep going on for long without seeing dark spots when working out. 

Like other weight loss supplements for women and men, there are mixed reviews about creatine protein shakes and its safety. Generally, it’s advice that you take only the prescribed dose for 5 years straight, then stop or take a long break.  

  1. Branch-Chained Amino Acids (BCAAs)

These are refined proteins. If you’ll remember from the whey and casein section, the more refined a protein is, the faster it gets to the worn-out muscles. Oh. And the more expensive it is.  

Wrapping It up 

Not all proteins are made equal. 

Some work really fast to synthesize protein while others are more slow acting, thus more suitable for steady muscle maintenance. Just like the dietary supplements for weight loss market, you’ll need to watch what you buy, because some of the muscle gain supplements sold to you could really be redundant or even harmful, if you don’t work them out of your body with high intensity workouts. 

Take the time to know what your dietary needs are before purchasing any muscle building supplements.

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