Are you confused about which plus size swimwear to buy? Do not worry, you are certainly not the only one who can’t seem to make that perfect choice when it comes to picking the right swimwear that blends perfectly with their body type. In fact, it’s not uncommon for women to get slightly emotional when they are faced with fashion choices that are directly related to the kind of body they have.

With that said, it quite important to choose a swimsuit that perfectly fits your body size. If recent trends are anything to go by, it’s safe to say that you are in luck. Most swimsuits made specifically for curvy women nowadays are appealing and the choices are equally infinite. Styles and designs paraded by most stylists have recorded more head turns that whatever ratings were obtainable in time past. Designs spread beyond bold colorings and animal prints, most one-piece swimsuits designs are beginning to receive the attention the rightly deserved. This article aims to help you choose the perfect plus size swimsuit by highlighting which suit is meant for what body.

Swimming pools, especially public ones, are not the best the place to get uncomfortable because of a wrong swimsuit. As a result, you need the best suit at all times that equally fits your body type. For example, double layered swimsuits are the best when it comes to chest protection. They not only protect the chest, they also ensure that you are comfortable at every point in time.

In general, it is an established fact that plus size swimwear vary in terms of size. This means that your swimwear outlook depends solely on your ability to choose the best in terms of color, style, and size.

With all that has been said, we are optimistic that you should not encounter too many problems when you go to shop for your next swimwear. However, to make sure that you are 100% correct in the choices you make, we have compiled a list that will give you ideas about the right swimsuit to choose.

  1. Round Shaped body

If you have wide shoulders and hips with a full waist, you probably have a round body. If you want a slender appearance, one-pieces or tankinis with shirring or surplice have a slimming effect.

  1. Hourglass Body Shape

This plus size swimwear adopts the shape which the name suggests. Its starts with a full chest that diminishes into a thin waistline and enlarges again through the hips and thighs. Women with this body type have plenty of options. The best one depends on what you want to show off or minimize. Bust support is a must-have and can easily be found with underwire. Bikini bottoms that are high at the hips with a V silhouette can be particularly flattering to your lower half.

  1. Rectangular Body Shape

If you don’t think you have any curves, you likely have a straight body type. If you want to look a little curvy, the easiest way to do so is emphasize your waist. You can settle for suits that have a belt at the waistline or diagonal patterns.

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  1. Pear Shaped Body

This is more of a triangular body. It’s characterized by smaller shoulders and bust paired with big hips, bottom, and thighs. If you have this body size, purchasing a plus size swimwear that draws attention to the upper region of your body will be the best. A perfect example will be a swimsuit with bright colors at the top.

  1. AppleShape

In this case, the body shape adopts an inverted triangle style. It is the direct opposite of the pear shaped body. You have wider shoulders, and chest with a diminished waistline which progresses down to the legs. Your swimsuit choices are simple. Go for suits that draw attention to the lower part of your body. V-neck swimsuits, and those with wide straps in the upper regions will be ideal.

In general, the plus size swim suit that you choose will depend largely on your body type. A good knowledge of the kind of body that you have is the first step towards making the perfect choice. Do bear in mind that some women have the luxury of fitting into different sizes of swimsuits, while some do not. Make sure you are not in a hurry while choosing the perfect swimsuit that will also accentuate your body.

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