Hotel 360 Tours and VR Videos Lead to Increased Bookings

When it comes to showcasing products and services, virtual tours never disappoint at all. These tours are interactive and engaging, giving a user much power to dictate what they want to see or feel as well. 360 virtual tours can help you to show your facility in the favorable light. Studies indicate that customers do a lot of research online before booking into a hotel. A 360 tour or VR videos, therefore, can help you stand out with professionally done images and description of your hotel. Herein are 5 ways a 360 tour and VR videos can help to improve bookings for your hotel

Interactive content leads to conversions and bookings

The user-friendliness of VR videos is what sets it apart from other online marketing techniques. Users can virtually check into your hotel and remotely experience services from your professionally done images. According to studies, 90 percent of all people rely on the internet for research before purchasing a product or service. Websites that have a VR videos get ranked higher on search engine results. 

The chances of your hotel showing up on the front page of Google or even yahoo either are higher. Once a user clicks on your site, the interactive nature of the tour will retain them for a long time. The longer a user stays on a website, the more likely they are to make a purchase. This means increased bookings for your hotel. 

videos on social media reach many people 

360 tours and VR videos can be shared on social media sites and emails. Market studies show that before buying, 4 out of five people rely on social media for information. It goes without saying that all people who like your social media pages on social media must be interested in your product or service. They are either past clients or potential customers. The good thing here is that a 360 tour can be used on both your website or even on the social media. You get to kill two birds with one stone. With an immersive virtual tour, chances are high that your hotel’s content will get more likes and shares as well. This increased awareness will eventually lead to more sales. 

360 tours are effective in reputation management

A good reputation in online will give you the momentum you need to win over new customers. When you upload a 360 tour on your web, it gets linked to your social media. For instance, Google Business Photos is linked to Google + so that every time a user comments about your facility you are instantly notified. This means that with VR videos and tours you can stay up to date with reviews and comments. Virtual tours are good to dispel any bad reviews that someone might have written about you online. A 360 tour is a virtually tangible evidence of the comfort and luxury that your hotel promises. You can use virtual 360 tours to create a meaningful first impression of your hotel. Since they are engaging and interactive, they lead to a more memorable and emotional impact. It won’t take long for your hotel to start getting positive reviews. 

Images are convincing

Almost 70 % of all travelers say that they rely on photography to get important information before booking a hotel. A VR tour uses many pictures to showcase all aspects of your hotel. If they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, we can safely say that a 360 tour enables you to convince a customer with the power of many thousand words. According to recent studies, most of the hotels have virtual tours online experience up to 48 % more bookings as compared to those without tours. 

Cheap advertising

According to market surveys, virtual tours and VR videos reduce the amount of non-impactful views by 40 %. Customers are highly likely to book your hotel after completing a VR tour of the facility. Compared to other types of marketing, virtual tours are a very cost-effective way of advertising your hotel. Since the tour is hosted on your website, there are absolutely no costs for bandwidth or hosting. VR videos and tours can stay online for as long as you like. This 24/7 exposure of your hotel maximizes the possibility of bookings. 

With a 360 tour, users get to see an accurate representation of your facility in all details. Professionally done virtual 360 tours, therefore, can help to spread awareness of your facility, and lead to increased bookings.

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