Google Spent 2 Years Studying 180 Teams. The Most Successful Ones Shared These 5 Traits 

For the past few years Google has had countless quests. They have been able to collect significant amount of data. They have spent a lot of money trying to understand different aspects of life. One of the most popular initiatives by Google was Project Aristotle. Their main aim was to find out why some teams were successful while others failed. Just like any other organization, Google believed that having the best team involves having the best people. There is no doubt that the best team wins in this case.  

Among those people who were selected to lead the Abeer Dubey, there were director of Google. They had to find the best team to achieve this. The team had to be a team of experts. Dubey Abber recruited organizational psychologists, statisticians, engineers, sociologists, and researchers among other experts to help facilitate and help solve the riddle.  

There is no doubt that this project called Aristotle managed to study and analyze 180 teams to conduct more than 200 interviews and also analyze more than 250 different attributes. The only shortcoming is that there wasn’t any clear pattern of features to be plugged into a dream team that was to generate algorithms.  

As it was described in The New York Times, it was until they started considering intangibles that everything started to fall in place. What kept them wondering is the fact that the team was very successful. Rozovsky and her team looked at the research by sociologists and psychologists who were focusing on Group Norms. Group norms are actually the behavioral standards, unwritten rules, and traditions that govern the mode of performance and functionality of the team. Of course, these norms could be unspoken and can also be openly acknowledged.  

With a different perspective from this study of collective intelligence conducted by a group of experts, and psychologists from Carnegie, MIT, union college and much more, researchers returned to the drawing board to confirm and champion the unspoken customs. This includes the team functionality and behaviors that helped magnify collective intelligence and conclusion.

Google’s reference website features a resource that shares the research, practices, and ideas. Below are 5 key features outlined by Rozovsky. 

  1. Dependability

You could rely and trust on the team as they delivered beyond expectations.  

  1. Clarity and Structure

There was top-performing team that has very clear and vivid goals. The goals are well defined and the roles are perfectly outlined 

  1. Meaning

The work is very meaningful and has personal importance to each and every member of the group 

  1. Great Impact

This work had a very significant impact as the results were positive and good. 

  1. Psychological safety

We have been in different meetings and due to some factors, we chose to hold back some ideas as well as questions. It is terrible and unnerving to note that you are in a working environment where everything you do or say is under watch.  

But imagine some other setting. A predicament in which many people are safe to take chances, voice their ideas, and have judgment-free questions. A culture where professionals provide air cover and create safe areas so employees can deliver and do what is expected. That’s psychological safeness. 

I understand, not the quantitative info that you were longing for. However, Google discovered that clubs with psychologically safe surroundings had employees who had been less inclined to leave, much more likely to harness the energy of variety, and ultimately, who have been more prosperous. 

Engineering the best team is more subjective than we wish, but concentrating on these five components escalates the likelihood that you’ll build a goal team. Through its research, Yahoo made the ancient Greek language philosopher Aristotle pleased by showing, “The complete can be higher than the amount of its parts.” 

Google invested heavily on this research. The best thing is that everything went as planned and the team performed extremely great. They did a commendable job. The team was well equipped with all the relevance finances and equipment to ensure that everything goes as planned. The team had experts and people who have prospered in different fields. For you to have a great outcome, you need to have a good team conducting a research. This was actually the best team. All their doings were successful. 

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