Gain a Bigger Market Share with Google Business Photos and VR Videos

According to research, it takes 3 seconds to captivate or disinterest an audience during marketing or presentation. Salespersons revere this principle and they usually attempt to move heaven and earth during the first 3 seconds. However, A 360 VR tour circumvents this code by making presentations interactive, exciting and engaging. If they find one aspect of your business to be unexciting, users have the ability to move to an area that tickles them. Google Business Photos is built upon the idea of virtual tours. GBP combines impressive pictures that speak about your business to enable customers to learn about you in an interactive way. 

With GBP is an online 360 tour that will enable you to retain customers, attract new ones and expand revenue because of superior presentation. Below are 5 ways Google business photos and virtual tours can help you gain a bigger market share. 

An effective search tool

Google Business Photos can enable you to climb to the top of search results. Your business will get an expanded display on search results. On the search, there will be a bigger display that includes directions, reviews, and images of your office building. This is expanded display is better than the few descriptive lines that are associated with normal searches. Customers get a comprehensive virtual walk through your premises. The VR videos provide all answers to the questions they might have about you in a nutshell. 

Interactive presentation

The VR videos and tour by GBP allows customers to freely engage with your business on the web. Once guests start the tour, chances are that you will retain their attention till they learn every aspect of your business. You can embed campaigns within the 360 tour to underscore the core message of awareness. Moreover, once you upload pictures, Google Business Photos gets linked to your Google + account. This enables you to see how customers interact with your business through the 360 tour and VR videos. The virtual tour can also be displayed well on mobile and desktop devices, and you can share it on social media to attain a greater impact. 

Living tours

You can update your pictures and location any day to provide a better view of your business and products. This way you get to show customers new inventory in an impactful way. When Google launches your 360 tour online, it also automatically displays the street view of your business building. This makes it easier for clients to find you and gradually the footfall for your business will increase. GBP is an advantage to new startups because they get to enjoy easy and improved awareness without spending a dime. 

Increased web traffic

Virtual tours and VR videos lead to increased traffic flow to your website. Users prefer search engine results that include a 360 tour because these results tend to contain all information in one place. Once a customer clicks to see inside, they are taken on a virtual 360 tour of the business. Guests will be excited to see your inventory on a new level of details and chances are they will share this on social media. 

The visual impact of your business and interactivity enabled by GBP will help to retain visitors once they arrive. Customers who stay longer on your website are more likely to make a purchase as well. That means that this free feature of Google can actually lead to improved sales both online and even offline. 


GBP is a service provided by Google at no costs at all. GBP 360 tour is designed to help small startups gain a foot in the market by increasing their awareness. The space availed for showcasing your store is huge; if that was airtime on TV or radio the bill would have many zeros. Thanks to virtual tours, there are no confines of budget, time or space when it comes to marketing your business. All you need to do is upload neatly done photos of your business premises and GBP will make a 360 tour out of them. You will get to retain the copyrights of the photos and you can use them elsewhere.

Google Business Photos is an effective way of exciting your customers. You get to engage with them on a whole new level and give them the power to interact with your business as though they were physically present at your store. 

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