Ellen DeGeneres Launches A Baby Lifestyle Collection

The famous TV host Ellen DeGeneres has recently entered the design domain once again with her new clothing collection targeting babies and toddlers. The lifestyle collection is called Buy Buy Baby and it can take a place along with DeGeneres other fashion brands – ED Ellen DeGeneres and also her own shoe collection. However, the new line will be a bit different, because it will focus on things like baby furniture, swaddles, beddings, strollers and footwear, all decorated with inspirational quotes and creative material prints. DeGeneres believes that all babies love to be cooed and swaddled, along with always being provided with kindness and love. These ideas were the main inspiration for her collection, as the 59-year-old TV superstar revealed in the press release that followed the launch of the line.  
According to her, each part of the collection carries a message of love and overall, it is filled with fun and whimsical products. She said that even though she does not have a baby, she enjoys being swaddled and believes everyone else will share her sentiment. In a recent interview, DeGeneres spoke about the new collection and provided some incredibly entertaining answers on her inspiration, favorite pieces and much more. Firstly, she pointed out that the reason she decided to get into the market for baby clothes and accessories came to her because some of her ED by Ellen lifestyle apparel for adults got stuck in the dryer for a prolonged period, which made it shrink. After she took a hard look, DeGeneres decided that the same clothes will look just perfect on babies. When it comes to the issue of her biggest inspiration for the clothing line, she pointed out that she got a lot of it from her adult line, or as she humorously spun it, the line that covers the age of 216-months-olds to 800-months-old.  

Asked what advice she was given by her friends who have babies and kids, DeGeneres stated the most important thing was to make everything in the line machine washable. When it came to the issue of DeGeneres favorite part of the collection, she stated that she loved the baby socks the most. She thinks they are so cute that she desires to have a baby just for the purpose of the same baby then wearing these cute socks. She also said that if she should provide a new mom with a single item from her collection as a gift, she would choose the “Love” crib. But, if she chose something outside of her collection, she would provide the same new mothers with a much-needed vacation to the Bora Bora Island.  
In a family-oriented question, DeGeneres was asked what is her favorite activity she likes to do with her nieces when she is on her day off, so she said that they must put together the cribs that are a part of the collection. This joke, along with all of the others was met with great amusement by the readers of the interview. Her Buy Buy Baby lifestyle collection will be available through her website immediately after the launch has finished.

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