Counting Coins: Finding Cheap Plus Size Swimwear on a Budget 

When spring rolls around and you start thinking about purchasing some new swimwear for the summer, you probably stop to consider at which stores you’ll have the best luck finding a great one-piece, tankini, or bikini. For a lot of women, options are limited to places like Wal-mart, Target, and other retail chains that offer cheap plus size swimwear. The bummer about shopping at places like those is that often, their plus size options are limited and don’t fit well. On the other hand, there are specialty retailers that offer quality swim pieces for more money. 

With that in mind, it seemed like a good idea to explore the pros and cons of shelling out the big bucks on a swimsuit. Here’s what we got.

The Pros: Looking good and feeling good, all day long 

Consider a swimsuit such as the Marlene, produced by Malia Mill. It goes for $365, which is no small change by any means. No matter how great the swimsuit is, even thinking about making a purchase that expensive can be rather nausea-inducing, but believe it or not, there are compelling reasons to consider them absolutely worth the pretty penny. 

Picture yourself at the age of 12 (a difficult age for any young woman), trying to pick out a bathing suit at your local teen mall store. You try on a $30 swimsuit and step up to the mirror. You turn to the right, you turn to the left, and spin around 360 degrees in a panic – you discover, to your horror, that you’ve got an ass, a considerable one at that. When did that happen?? The bathing suit, no matter what you do, keeps riding up, wedging itself, and creeping up. Nearing a panic attack, you end up hightailing your way out of the dressing room and picking out something else from a nearby Nordstrom. Sure, it’s considerably more expensive, but your long-suffering mom would at that point broken the bank to keep you from a full-on meltdown. 

cheap plus size swimwear

We’re not 12 years old anymore. We’ve grown in grace and wisdom and have learned to accept our bodies for what they are, but the basic dilemma still exists for a lot of us. There is a vulnerability that comes with being dressed in something as skimpy as a bathing suit in the full light of day, in public. You’ve gone to the beach for a day of fun, but it becomes a nightmare of insecurity and anxiety when your swimsuit isn’t doing you justice. 

A well-cut, well-tailored swimsuit, created from high-quality fabrics can make a world of difference. They can make everything look better – the bust perkier, the waist slimmer, and can provide a wonderful accentuation on your behind. You won’t be in a constant tizzy of discomfort from the persistent wedgies that you’ll be slyly picking at throughout your excursion. 

Think of an expensive bathing suit like an insurance policy affording you a relaxed, fun-filled beach experience. What price are you willing to put on peace of mind? How much would you be willing to spend to feel like a beach goddess every time you head out in your bathing suit? It just might be worth it. 

The Cons: Spending that much money seems kind of dumb 

For the average person, the swimsuits are broken out almost exclusively in the summer, maybe 10 or 15 times a year. This is for those of us that don’t live on a beach or have easy access to a swimming pool. For this common-sense reason alone, a pricey bathing suit seems like an unnecessary extravagance. Why not get a cheaper option, or even forego buying a new one entirely? 

Say you’re heading for a vacation. You could decide on buying yourself a swimsuit from Target or someplace if the one you already have is getting on in years or doesn’t fit right anymore. On the other hand, you could choose to leave it alone and just wear some yoga shorts and a bikini top you picked up from a random store you spotted on your way home. See, that’s how inconsequential bathing suits really are – you don’t need the deluxe model to have your fun in the sun. 

Many might think that this attitude is only to be found in the type of women who would look divine in a garbage bag. You will hear it a lot from people complaining about the lack of cheap plus size swimwear, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. There are a lot of cheap options available for all body types out there, if you take the time to look around a bit. 

cheap plus size swimwear

Money well spent is money well spent, so that’s not the issue here. Instead of spending $150 on a swimsuit, you might do better to pick up a new dress and a pair of shoes that will give you considerably more value for your money. 

The beauty of buying cheap lies in the fact that you won’t be wearing the suit every day, and when you do, you’ll be in the water most of the time, so who cares? You can leave it behind without fretting, give it away without a pang, or decide to buy an entirely new one without any guilt. The beach is supposed to be about freedom and relaxation, right? So set yourself free of the anxiety of expensive bathing suits and go for whatever floats your boat! 

Meeting in the Middle 

It doesn’t need to come down to cheap vs. expensive swimwear. There are plenty of brick and mortar or online stores that offer good swimsuits at affordable pricing. One such online store is G. Sonsie. Not everyone would consider suits by G. Sonsie cheap plus size swimwear, but for the great quality, the affordable pricing is certainly worth the purchase. 

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